Hackathon Creations

inTime (2015)

Create playlists of specified durations from your songs!

inTime | source

Scoria (2013)

Semi-anonymous social network. On ice

Scoria | source

Share a Banana (2013)

Share virtual bananas with your friends!

Share a Banana | source


Boxplot Generator

Modified boxplot generator built with JavaScript

Boxplot Generator | source


A tool for visualization of the Central Limit Theorem.

CLT | source

Maze Generator

An amaze-ing (sorry) maze visualization trinket

Maze Generator | source

Web Games


Collection of web games built with JavaScript and Phaser

frontfish.net | source


Yahtzee clone built with JavaScript. Under development

yahtzee.js | source


Reverse engineered clone of a 1970s video game

Hivolts | source

The Paly Voice


Palo Alto High School's URL shortener, with API, Chrome extension, and QR codes

paly.io | source

The Paly Voice

Webmaster and Drone Commander for Paly's 24/7 online news publication

The Paly Voice | drone footage

Journalism Archives

Screenshot and text archive for Palo Alto High School journalism publications

Journalism Archives



Command line Yahtzee clone as a RubyGem

yahtzee.rb | documentation

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