Qup and left
Eup and right
Ssit (stay on the same square)
Zdown and left
Cdown and right

     Hivolts is a 1970's video game on the PLATO system. This program is a reverse engineering of that game. The game is turn-based and played on a 12x12 grid. Your character is the blue circle. Your goal is to outlast the Mhos, the red circles. In each of your turns, you have the option of moving into any square adjacent to you (diagonals included) or staying in the same square. If you move into an electric fence, orange square, or a Mho, you will die and lose the game.
     Once your turn is done, the Mhos will take their turns moving. Mhos will chase you during their turns, moving one square at a time towards you. If a Mho catches you, you lose the game. Mhos are not very smart, however, and they will sometimes run into electric fences and kill themselves! If you can outlast all 12 Mhos, you win the game.
     Sometimes, the Mhos will be one square away from reaching you, and you don't want to let them, so you can take a risk and jump. When you jump, you jump onto a random square which does not contain a fence. If you land on an empty square, you are safe and the Mhos take their turns moving. If you land on a Mho, they will kill you, and you will lose the game. The controls are listed above.

By Christopher Hinstorff and Max Bernstein

     © Chris Hinstorff 2018