So I made a game.

To be more specific, I made a web game. To be even more specific I made a web game using JavaScript and Phaser.

To be even more specific would be unnecessary.

I’m sure there are lots of questions running through your mind right now. Well, if not, keep reading. The following questions will be running through your head as you read them.

“Is it a game where I use a pong-like paddle to hit a ball higher and higher until it lands in the green area?”

“Can I see a picture?”

“Why haven’t you acknowledged the fact that you haven’t made a blog post in nearly half a year?”

“When did you make this game?”

“Are you single?”

“Where can I play the game?”

there should be an image here

Well, to answer your questions: yes, you just did, I just did, the last two days, depends who’s asking, and here.

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