Yes, I have a favorite kitchen appliance, but I didn’t always.

For over sixteen years, I felt like there was something missing in my life. I spent seemingly endless time attempting to fill the void. Just recently, I found out what I lacked.

After I realized that I needed a favorite appliance, I had to find out which one I liked the best.

Refrigerator? Nope. The refrigerator’s job is to keep food cold so that it doesn’t go bad. When I leave my beef and anchovy cassarole in the fridge, it goes bad within a week. The refrigerator can’t complete its sole task.

Dishwasher? Nope. I don’t know what goes on once the door is closed. After I put in the dishwashing detergent, press a few buttons, and close the door, the plates, cups, and cutlery are somehow (magically) cleaned! My favorite appliance can’t be one that I don’t understand or trust.

Microwave? Nope. I am a firm believer that the name of an object should be a description of the object’s function. Sure, a microwave uses microwaves to heat up food, but its name doesn’t communicate that it uses microwaves to heat up food.

Toaster? Yes. What’s not to love about toasters? They successfully do their one job; they heat up whatever’s inside them. It is clear how they work. The hot coils make the bread (or other substance inside the toaster) hot. Their name perfectly describes their function. Toasters toast.

Ever since I found my favorite kitchen appliance I no longer feel the void inside me. Thank you, toasters.

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